Beginning Steps

Due to my Uncle’s inspiration, I am discovering photography as a therapeutic hobby. Here are a few pics from my first batch of photos:

IMG_0203 IMG_0302

IMG_0189_1 IMG_0186

IMG_0159 IMG_0165

IMG_0177 IMG_0176

IMG_0173IMG_0181_1  IMG_0167_1 IMG_0166

IMG_0154 IMG_0143_1

IMG_0145 IMG_0139 IMG_0122 IMG_0121 IMG_0109 IMG_0080

IMG_0077 IMG_0072 IMG_0070           IMG_0168

Please feel free to let me know which ones you like, so I know what is of interest to people or which ones seem more appealing than others. That will help me greatly in taking more pics in future.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

About groovy777

Toronto gal. Curious about people, life, the universes.
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