To All the Flowers I’ve Loved Before…

I’m coming back to a familiar theme: flowers. But can you blame me? Flowers and nature are naturally captivating! In fact, I’m worried I’m going to run out of subjects soon. Not because there aren’t great things out there to photograph, but with my social anxiety, it’s not always easy to push myself to go to certain places. And taking pictures is sometimes a conspicuous activity.

I’m actually doing much better socially, of late. But going to public places that I’m not familiar with or that have lots of people attending (eg, BuskerFest) makes me VERY uncomfortable. That’s why photography’s been great — it does push me outside of my comfort zones. Photographing people is yet another mountain to climb, especially getting shots of kids.



IMG_0707       IMG_0812

IMG_0719        IMG_0723

IMG_0752        IMG_0751

 IMG_0691      IMG_0696

IMG_0756     IMG_0778

IMG_0765      IMG_0780

IMG_0629      IMG_0609  

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