Crazy for Classic Cars

I’m kinda ‘old school’ when it comes to cars — love the curves on classic models! My first and only car was a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle. It was bright lemon yellow with black trim.

Unfortunately, the only picture I have of it is one a dear friend took while the car was burning up on Highway 401 towards Port Hope and Cobourg. We made the front cover of the local newspaper! This was mere weeks after I had bought the darn thing with my hard-earned summer job savings!

My other favourite cars — back in the day — were Jaguars and other classics like the 1961 Mercedes-Benz Gull-Wing Coupe, the Austin-Healey Sprite, the Morris Mini, and the like. I’ve always gravitated to small cars. I prefer the concept of electric cars, of course, yet car companies have been slow on the uptake.

Actor Jack Nicholson even created a car that ran on bio-fuel way back in the 70s, so it can be done.

I’m quite conflicted over cars. I do love bikes and scooters, and I prefer public transportation. But having just moved to the ‘burbs’ (in with the folks), public transportation is slow, infrequent, and difficult.

I’m too scared to ride out here, especially in winter (having previously dislocated my shoulder and even temporarily paralyzed my arm in a cycling accident — never mind the year of agonizing physio, during which two different physiotherapists said it was the ‘worst injury of its kind that they’d seen’ in 11 years and 20 years, respectively). I feel like I’m wimping out, but I am genuinely afraid of the fast-moving cars, and their lack of awareness of cyclists, in general. And the rate of cycling accidents and even deaths among experienced cyclists is truly stunning!

Building on the TakeTheTooker   vision, I have a dream of making the ENTIRE Bloor-Danforth roadway the longest *car-free* street in a major city in the world! Wouldn’t that be nice?! For elderly folks and those who want to sightsee, there could be a shuttle bus, plus one lane for bicycles and one lane for electric scooters and such. There would be signs leading to all the local green spaces and farmers’ markets along the route, and other fun ways to pump up the tourism dollars and local BIAs in Toronto and the GTA.

Anyway, Sunday I went to a Classic Car Show to snap these pics. I also saw an acquaintance while I was there, which was nice!  🙂

IMG_1186      IMG_1194

IMG_1208      IMG_1248

IMG_1420       IMG_1233

IMG_1238       IMG_1236

IMG_1251       IMG_1260

IMG_1267       IMG_1272

IMG_1297       IMG_1293        IMG_1299       IMG_1373

IMG_1305       IMG_1307

IMG_1310       IMG_1311

IMG_1322      IMG_1329

IMG_1331      IMG_1333

IMG_1339      IMG_1417

IMG_1349      IMG_1348

IMG_1353      IMG_1355

IMG_1357      IMG_1359

IMG_1366      IMG_1396

IMG_1376      IMG_1379

IMG_1384       IMG_1388

IMG_1390  IMG_1403

IMG_1402      IMG_1408

IMG_1409      IMG_1412 IMG_1414      IMG_1413

IMG_1284       IMG_1285

IMG_1317       IMG_1361

IMG_1410       IMG_1473


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