Anywhere But Here: Elmvale Zoo

Recently visited Elmvale Zoo, out near Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Felt really sorry for this lot of animals, who are mostly penned up and have never known what it’s like to fly or run. Quite small spaces for some really large creatures, like lions, jaguars, lynxes, eagles, and the like.

Never been a fan of zoos. Used to study with people in my Environmental Studies program who actively protest zoos, so I do know the horrors of what happens in these awful places. Marineland is one of the worst perpetrators. Although I love their song, “Everyone loves Marineland!”, what those waters contain and do to captive sea creatures is another story. I know at one such marine park that the Orca Whale purposely killed two of the trainers out of pent-up frustration. Anyway, I did my part by informing people here. I did struggle with whether or not to participate in this zoo adventure, and now I know — it is a sorry tale, indeed.

Some of these animals had more adequate space.

IMG_1494      IMG_1507

IMG_1512      IMG_1519

IMG_1541      IMG_1545

IMG_1547      IMG_1568

IMG_1573      IMG_1580

IMG_1594      IMG_1597

IMG_1605      IMG_1608

IMG_1624       IMG_1643

IMG_1668       IMG_1683

IMG_1685       IMG_1687

IMG_1689       IMG_1794

IMG_1886       IMG_1908

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