The Season’s-a-changin’

Been awhile since my last post – like many Canadians, I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Don’t know how to take interesting landscape photos when the surroundings start looking bare and stark. You may not see much from me until next spring!

IMG_3055       IMG_3054

IMG_3031       IMG_3043

IMG_3004 - Copy

IMG_2996        IMG_2994

IMG_2991        IMG_2974

IMG_2963       IMG_2956

IMG_2907       IMG_2906

IMG_2901       IMG_2881


My arts therapy projects, below…


IMG_0133       IMG_0124


IMG_0071       IMG_0054

IMG_0055       IMG_0058

IMG_0049       IMG_0047

IMG_0185       IMG_0216

IMG_0220       IMG_0225

IMG_0212      IMG_0246

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Toronto gal. Curious about people, life, the universes.
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