Trying to Find a Groove

Nothing in particular about these photos. One is from my current personal development course (Managing Conflict). And there’s my dog, of course. She always crosses her paws, very lady-like.  🙂

IMG_0138      IMG_0361

IMG_0175         IMG_0336

IMG_0339        IMG_0344

IMG_0350 IMG_0351

IMG_0354        IMG_0356

IMG_0357        IMG_0388

IMG_0394       IMG_0392

IMG_0399       IMG_0408


Click on the photo below to enlarge it. Jigsaw puzzle of self-understanding and how personal pain from the past impacts one’s life today.


About groovy777

Toronto gal. Curious about people, life, the universes.
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3 Responses to Trying to Find a Groove

  1. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Ah, I see we have a love of dogs in common! I think these photos are quite good. I think you’re doing great. To me, photos are like art–there’s no right or wrong, and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Never sell yourself short. 🙂

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