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June 14, 2017

Dear Lana,
My name is Marlene, and thanks to people like you, Ecojustice is helping me and my neighbours fight for access to safe, clean drinking water in Harrietsfield, N.S.

A now defunct construction and demolition facility contaminated the groundwater in my community. That facility opened 20 years ago, and in 2003, my neighbours and I were put on a water monitoring program. But when I contacted the government in 2009 to ask about our water sample results, I learned that no one had been reviewing them to make sure that my health and the health of my neighbours was being protected.

That marked the beginning of our multi-year fight for clean water. Since then I’ve collected data, organized meetings and marches, and written to elected representatives. And with support from Ecojustice and people like you, I have even gone to court three times.

Ecojustice lawyer Kaitlyn Mitchell has been our compassionate champion. She helped us intervene when those responsible for the contaminated site repeatedly appealed to the courts, asking to be removed from the provincial government’s cleanup orders. Most importantly, we won all three court cases and the Court’s rulings sent a strong message that polluters are responsible for cleaning up their mess!

The Ecojustice team also helped mobilize supporters like you to advocate directly on behalf of me and my neighbours. Thanks to the thousands of messages you sent, the government has promised to install water filtration systems in our homes. I cannot wait for the day when I can finally turn on the kitchen tap and drink the water that comes out!

Today, I’m proud to invite you to donate to Ecojustice because I know that when you make a gift, you empower communities like Harrietsfield to continue to fight for our right to a healthy environment.

In gratitude,

Marlene Brown, Ecojustice client
P.S. Ecojustice represents me, and every one if its clients, free of charge. When you donate to Ecojustice, you don’t just support a single organization, you strengthen an entire movement. Please make a gift today.
Photo of Marlene Brown by Rebecca Hussman

Ecojustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity. Help us build the case for a better earth.

[NOTE: Only a few of Ecojustice’s contact offices listed here.]

Main Office Vancouver 214 – 131 Water Street | Vancouver BC V6B 4M3 T 604-685-5618 F 604-685-7813

Toronto Office 1910 – 777 Bay Street, PO Box 106 | Toronto ON M5G 2C8 T 416-368-7533 F 416-363-2746 – See more at:

General inquiries: For all other inquiries, please email or call us toll-free from anywhere in Canada at 1-800-926-7744.



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