Bunch of pics…it’s been awhile

Haven’t really been posting regularly for quite some time. But here are some pics for posterity, including one by PetSmart and two from the media.

This is reaching back a ways, but a good friend from high school played on Team Canada Women’s Ice Hockey team for two Olympics. These are pics from the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City – the year that both the Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey teams won!

Women’s sports has come a long way in the past 30-some years. When I was a teen, there was next to no future for women in sports, particularly team sports. Vicky is now the Head Coach for U of T’s Women’s Hockey.

One thing I have to add is that Vicky is one of THE most humble people I have ever known. Even though she was a super-athlete at every sport she played (in childhood, we bowled a Doubles Bowling Tournament together and won – they paired the best bowlers with the worst, and guess which one I was?) , and her room was overflowing with trophies and medals, yet she is just so modest with a great sense of humour.

Above left: Jayna  Hefford, Cassie Campbell-Pascal (captain) and Vicky Sunohara (assistant captain)

Friends from CMHA: Dave and Jim.

–>  AUGUSTINE, I didn’t include your pic to respect your privacy.




Above: Much-loved Smoky, the rescue cat I got for my friend Aaron in 2015.

Below is Professor Li, who is 106-years old in this picture. She is related to the last emperor of China and was born and raised in the Forbidden City. She is highly regarded for the many books she has written on the Chinese language. She also raised 9 children by herself (!!) and was invited to Canada in the 1950’s at the invitation of the United Nations to help with Chinese translation at the Toronto Reference Library (her English is very good too luckily for me). The Canadian government is currently doing a study on her because of her strong genes, obvious longevity, and Manchurian ancestry with gray eyes.

Allison on one of our enjoyable walks, though rare. Mostly we do coffees together and email/text essays.

Don and I are coming up to our 3rd anniversary this month, yet I have never posted his pic here. I try to be mindful about how people may feel about being seen on a seemingly stigmatizing site, such as this one.

Let it be known that no one turns me on more than a switched-on woman of colour. Being with Don can sometimes feel so ‘status-quo’ – until you get to know him!

Andy Capp, an old cartoon favourite.

This cartoon clip applies to everyone, righteous priest and alcoholic alike…

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