A Super-Aged (Would-Be) Communicator, LOL!

A most readable article by Thomas Hertog, “Stephen Hawking: Master of the Multiverse“.** I should’ve read it, before starting my rambling drivel, below, to gain some perspective. Lol


A holography-based theory of the multiverse (image source: Phys.org; October 11, 2018)

**NOTE: Stephen Hawking was perhaps the smartest human being on the planet. Yet, he was also a cosmologist (universe vs. multiverse), so had to rework and fit his theories to fit the multiverse understanding of the galaxies. String theory, below, or the ‘theory of everything’ was once thought to better encompass many different theoretical frameworks, like the Big Bang origins, theories of general relativity (Albert Einstein; source: NASA) and quantum mechanics, gravity, the concept of a multiverse that is ever-expanding, and so on — and yet, it is not consistent, and therefore, provable. Not sure where that leaves us, and I’m a total science-flunkie. But certainly have experienced many times a super-detailed interconnectedness between all things here on earth, which also corresponded with the skies above and outerspace (time-space continuum and manipulation; all life and inanimate objects; mental telepathy, etc). On those occasions, it has been like entering a seeming ‘twilight zone’. Bizarre and not to be believed, I’m sure.

This link also came up, but it falls into one of my doubtful categories, as to publication dates, etc:

Imagining Globalization: Power-Geometries of Time-Space (1999)


Another short article: “How Real Is The Multiverse?


An Eternal Inflation theory of the multiverse (image source: LiveScience.com; December 15, 2021)

I’m an obstinate old hag, in so many ways, lol. Not to mention a devolved, body-scratching (every square inch)Contemplating the multiverse should be a daily affair, to balance one’s sanity. Nevertheless, below must be said for now, though it be more inconsequential navel-gazing. I just dislike being disbelieved and misperceived, etc.

In truth, with the other posts and stuff I wrote elsewhere, I rambled and was not as plain-spoken as I could be, partly because I refuse to be the online posterchild for anti-Semitism and other bigotry: The case in point. Anyway…

Re: social media. Only just learning FB since 2021 (reg’d in 2018, and momentarily in 2010). Anyway, FB seems to be a super-aging site of mostly 45-plus. Plus, it’s 75% staged, contrived or completely false, frankly. Still entertaining! TT etc are probably where it’s at; where absolutely everything can be reimagined. I find Twitter too frustrating, long-winded me.

Purposely chose to avoid learning and adapting to social media around 2003, due to privacy concerns. My gawd, what the hell is that, privacy?!

So, yep, I’m officially a dinosaur.

My absolute favourite content on FB are the animal videos –esp. the inter-species ones!!!

Which brings me to YET ANOTHER potential misperception.

Had a recent gut-punch realization of the possible social connotations that my FB header pic may imply (had the same uncomfortable thought back in 2020, when the S&H had again raised it’s head, but I was just too lazy to change it). I don’t usually see it myself, of course, just my profile pic. Anyway, it happens to be one of my early favourite INTER-SPECIES ANIMAL RELATIONSHIP PHOTOS. (Who may be your best space companions, one day, lol.)

A friend had emailed me a bunch a few years ago, and this one stuck out to me most: it’s an image of a dog leading a brood of chicks, plus a larger one of the dog being happily swarmed by the chicks, lol! This is called imprinting, apparently. Besides being a striking photo, I felt it most clearly communicated open lovingness and mutual acceptance, which I dearly love — and yet can no longer seem to find or experience or offer to others, due to my hypervigilance, C-PTSD, wonky energies, you name it. Very sad. (See my post to come, “Being A Team Player”.)

I guess you’d have to see the other pics from that same email batch, and others might have made the same choice. It simply pops — in a cute, humane way!

Now, I have to make some time to clumsily find a less ‘politically-loaded’ pic. I’ve since discovered so many better/clearer INTER-SPECIES PICS and awesome vids on FB — nice!!! (unfortunately, some are very exploitative of animals, behind the scenes. Kinder World has some of the best animal videos — a must-see!)

On a similar note, a few weeks back, I was getting beer for my companion, and i felt the urge to get some for myself. Through ‘product placement’ it would seem, I was faced with very directed choices, so I of course picked the hard iced tea (and you guessed it, it’s yellow-labelled!). Then, I brought it back to D’s and put them in the bar fridge. But I left the middle shelf open, as D drinks tall boys, so I put all my cans on the much-shorter top shelf. Again, no hidden message there. Only dawned on me, when I opened the fridge weeks later.

Also, quite a few more health-oriented folks (of which I used to be one) tend to drink iced tea and ginger ale as being less sugary soft drinks. Whether that’s actually so or not, I’ve never bothered to check. Didn’t drink pops etc for years, anyway — probably for as least as long as I abstained from McDonald’s (ie, 15+ years; a boycott, given McD’s support of Amazon deforestation, plus importing cattle for slaughter and labelling it ‘100% Canadian beef’, etc). Gawd, I’m so old, lol!

Did I mention… (forget now, lol!)

So, I’d rather be sitting by a lake with my dog and possibly a cat, too, lol.

On a more sombre note, and to my shame, has been my extreme survival drive, rightly or wrongly. For example, had I realized K’s final life situation, at the time, maybe I would’ve done the decent thing and taken my own life. (Again, she had contacted me, and wanted to get together. I said I was quite busy, but would call her back; and then, I got the news.) I loosely suspected things 1-2 years too late. By that point, I was in a much different space.

With the amount of often meaningless runaround I’ve been going through for years, I probably could’ve circumnavigated the planet, lol. Yet, with one dear friend, it comes from a very good, reassuringly elevated heart-mind space; and I love and appreciate him dearly. A true spiritual master and yogi. I know that he knows sooo much more about what my actual TRUE STORY is and who I am; yet, he’s never revealed any clues to me. Only A. does — in extremely tiny, repeated bits of info — and on very rare occasions.

So, the great mystery continues…

String Theory — A Different Kind of Multiverse

String theory of the multiverse (image source: Medium.com; July 22, 2021)

“String theory is the idea in theoretical physics that reality is made up of infinitesimal vibrating strings, smaller than atoms, electrons or quarks.” Jan 20, 2022 — https://www.space.com/17594-string-theory.html

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