Downton Abbey: A New Era — Coming Soon!

Despite my recent morose, long-winded posts, I was very excited to see the ads for the new film, Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022), coming out soon! (Thank you Nora Ephron and Ayman Mohyeldin for sharing some lighter moments, at last! And to Joyce Vance for the wisdom. (May 28/22; see NOTE 1)*)

[EDIT: Gun control activist David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas P.S., makes the excellent point that news media about the latest Robb Elementary School massacre should not let up until gun laws change in America (MSNBC, May 29/22). This probably requires the Republicans to stop filibustering so many essential laws etc that have been proposed/submitted for review for many years. Also I should clarify that my companion watches TV newscasts for a minimum of 8-10 hours/day; whereas I have always been depressed watching the often negative news that gets aired on TV. Depression is something I had struggled with in previous periods of my life. I would much rather do something about problems — just point me in the right direction, and let it be constructive action.]

Was going to ask my companion D. if he wanted to see this latest Downton Abbey film, but that may be a challenge, and not sure if it’s something he would enjoy. Have asked him to watch the TV series before. Such a well-acted program, brilliant script, beautiful historical costumes, incredible set design (at Highclere Castle in England), awesome scenery, etc.

Awhile ago, my mother and I had watched a documentary about The Real Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle) and the couple who own it; plus, fantastic interviews with the phenomenal writer and driving force behind it all, Julian Fellowes. Also really enjoyed the hilarious appearance of Hugh Bonneville (Robert Crawley), Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley), and Allen Leech (Tom Branson) on Late Night With Stephen Colbert (December 11, 2015).

It should be excellent, just like the PBS Masterpiece TV series!!!!!!!

Image source:

I believe the first movie I ever saw at the theatre starred the incomparable Dame Maggie Smith.

Image source:

Image source: TownandCountry.mag

The Real Downton Abbey: Highclere Castle

Architectural Digest — “Meet the Countess Who Lives at the Real-Life Downton Abbey” (August 22, 2019

*NOTE 1: I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for the incorruptible icons of justice and various trustworthy legal-beagles, who appear on MSNBC News: like The Beat host Ari Melber, Chuck Rosenberg, Joyce Vance, Frank Figliuzzi, Barbara McQuade, Maya Wiley, Katie Phang, and many more — I forgot to mention luminaries, like Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks (a great favourite of mine, because back then, more people actually did their jobs — without fear or favour, or playing party politics), and the truly incomparable Ruth Bader Ginsburg (and the film about her, RBG (2018)), whom I only came to know of and appreciate more recently. They are all people who shine a light, and help others understand what ought to be done by people and government, with respect to the rule of law and the U.S. constitution. With no double-dealing.

I realize social media is where things are at, but in some ways, I may actually be a Luddite (if you can find a real definition and history of that word). Lol.


Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022)

Downton Abbey film (2019)

Downton Abbey TV Series (2010-2015)

Downton Abbey Creator Julian Fellowes on A New Era‘s “Different View”

“The Downton Abbey Sequel Film Will Be in Theaters in 2022″

PBS Masterpiece Theatre: Downton Abbey

Late Night With Stephen Colbert (December 11, 2015)


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