Coffee With Richard (and Allison), May 27/22

Pretty sure my image in the photo’s been enhanced, but whatever.

Along with various other things that get tweaked or tainted etc in my residences, the pair of pants I am wearing above, showed up mysteriously, after my *chance meeting* with ‘Dennis’ on May 19, when I was wearing my usual Levi’s jeans. He was telling me about Trump, MAGA, Magas (Satan), ‘666’ and ‘777’, etc. Then, his tiny dog clutched my left pant leg, and promptly went over to this witch-like lady. It’s part of a long, complicated and bizarre story, which is never likely to be believed. Had I the memory and skill to write fiction, it would certainly make a compelling book.

When I saw Richard (which included Allison) for the first time after a 6-year hiatus, he was happily telling us about his black leather jacket (with skull and crossbones graphics on the back) and his scooter (also with satanic or death-type stickers).

Richard is a supremely brilliant man — genius, really! And a great hugger, with his eye on the big picture.

About groovy777

Toronto gal. Curious about people, life, the universes.
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