Peace and Self-Determination for Ukraine

I have profound respect for Ukraine’s courageous President Volodymyr Zylenskyy.

At first, Ukraine’s battle to fend off Russia’s totalitarian regime and imperial forces looked like a genocidal slaughter waiting to happen and a sure defeat. Yet, President Zylenskyy dug in his heels and stood up for this great and strategically important nation — where 99% of politicians and state leaders might have deserted their posts, and left the citizens and army to fend for themselves. KUDOS to President Zylenskyy and Ukraine’s brave people!!!!!!!

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Canada, itself, is comprised of many people of Ukrainian heritage (I’ve been blessed to know a few). And the Canadian prairies — the ‘breadbasket’ of the nation — would not be what it is without the early settlements of Ukrainians. Likewise, Canadian “culture, the economy, politics and sports,” etc, would be poorer without people of Ukrainian ancestry:

You can get Canadian-sold, organic cotton T-shirts here (oops, they’ve been taken down overnight, huh!):

(NOTE: I became aware of a soldier / fighter / warrior bent to my own nature in the mid-1990s (age 27), which became increasingly pronounced as various, sometimes-intense, experiences and forces of oppression or trauma ensued (particularly between 1997 to 2005). As chaotic or seemingly destructive as I may have become, at times, I nevertheless applaud and salute those who fight for important causes, like freedom and democracy, socio-environmental-economic restoration / healing / justice, quality healthcare and education, and so on.

The global crises of ecological degradation and social injustice are mutually reinforcing products of the same flawed systems. …[Change] requires a critical examination of the values and narratives which underlie systems of oppression and power. We argue for the moral necessity of a socially just approach to the ecological crisis.

“The critical intersection of environmental and social justice: a commentary” by Leslie Solomonian & Erica Di Ruggiero, March 25, 2021 —

Economic justice is the idea that the economy will be more successful if it is fairer, and that prosperity and justice go hand-in-hand rather than in opposition to one another. The goal is to create opportunities for all to thrive.,opportunities%20for%20all%20to%20thrive.

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