Power, Privilege, Perceptions

Thank goodness for Jimmy Roberts today on MSNBC News — refreshing. And like so many other guest commentators who say exactly what they think — without behind the scenes political machinations. Several of his comments rang especially true about the “hyperscrutinization” of people falling “under public scrutiny”; and “I hope you don’t come up with a video of me from 28 years ago,” etc.


[For those ‘in the know’…] My ‘other’ email in my Inbox was not for me to be ‘on top’ of all the others. They were simply comments I wanted to make note of, for those who scrutinize and control all my online accounts; and I had no way to place it in its ‘rightful place’ (ie, bottom of the barrel). Sorry. Having trouble living up to 24/7 moment by moment hyper-control, which has been ongoing for over 2 decades. 

Oh, and remote mind and body control are very real possibilities — sometimes just to stoke the fire. I think it was the night before, and AM was listing off a bunch of people from the Select Committee, and my eyes darted to look at him when JR was briefly mentioned, but this happened before I even heard the name. So yeah, way to make it look like I’m bearing a grudge against that person.

My parents have been under remote mind control and spirit possession for well over 15 years — particularly my father. Well, both actually. Behaving, saying and doing things that I know is not how they normally are, or what they would say and do, or how they would behave towards me. All for the great show!

It’s like log-rolling: you never know where you’ll end up.

Indeed, I’ve experienced and been subjected to WP all my life. You might want to look into Ross Stratton (my former roommate’s bf, who stayed overnight with us various times).

Mike, as we knew him, had the largest collection of child pornography ever seized in Canada, including violent sexual abuse images and videos of 6 month olds up to 18 year old teenage girls.

1) “Child molestor jailed 12 years for ‘shocking’ crimes’ (Dec. 7, 2010; Toronto Star)


2) michael ross stratton — Stoppedophiles.ca


3) “Case against Stratton ‘Overblown’: lawyer” (Nov. 7, 2006)


4) http://durhamradionews.com/ross-michael-stratton

Of course, the few news articles that remain now have no ‘identifying’ pictures included. And he’s been released from jail. I believe pedophilia is one of those ‘incurable’ disorders.

However, it does seem that redemption and forgiveness are possible — even for some of the *worst* among us. But as usual, a whole lot depends on social connections — who’s in, and who’s out — as has been discussed in various media outlets.

Beyond Rational Discussion Of Good And Bad

A discussion of evil in Wikipedia’s webpage on ‘Theodicy’.

It is important to note that there are at least two concepts of evil: a broad concept and a narrow concept. The broad concept picks out any bad state of affairs… [and] has been divided into two categories: natural evil and moral evil. Natural evils are bad states of affairs which do not result from the intentions or negligence of moral agents. Hurricanes and toothaches are examples of natural evils. By contrast, moral evils do result from the intentions or negligence of moral agents. Murder and lying are examples of moral evils. Evil in the broad sense, which includes all natural and moral evils, tends to be the sort of evil referenced in theological contexts… [T]he narrow concept of evil picks out only the most morally despicable… [it] involves moral condemnation, [and] is appropriately ascribed only to moral agents and their actions.[15]


That webpage later goes on to describe St. Augustine’s purported theodicy:

In the Roman Catholic reading of Augustine, the issue of just war as developed in his book The City of God substantially established his position concerning the positive justification of killing, suffering and pain as inflicted upon an enemy when encountered in war for a just cause.[54] Augustine asserted that peacefulness in the face of a grave wrong that could only be stopped by violence would be a sin…especially when authorized by a legitimate authority.

[T]he pursuit of peace must include the option of fighting with all of its eventualities in order to preserve peace in the long-term.[56] Such a war could not be pre-emptive, but defensive, to restore peace.[57] Thomas Aquinas, centuries later, used the authority of Augustine’s arguments in an attempt to define the conditions under which a war could be just.[58][59]

The above may be simplistic, as it doesn’t take into account if one self-inflicts an attack to appear justified in attacking another. Stay tuned for a discussion on evil (me, not others).

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