Stopping Problems At The Source?


I used ‘L’ for the note indicators, since the topic is nuclear power, and my immediate ‘nuclear’ family and I, on some planetary and cosmic level, are angry devils incarnated (more so, my father and I) — and yet, at the same time, we are fairly useful folks. Long story. (See other post.)

My entire extended family and our various respective ancestral heritages, plus professions, are part of a larger story that is being created, which marks a pivotal turning point in both the history and future of planet earth: the dawning of a New Epoch has arrived. In the long run, it strongly suggests both a ‘Return to Eden’ socio-environmental conditions AND intergalactic colonizations (in multidimensional forms), and unbeknownst to most people. Truly the stuff of sci-fi films and novels.

And yet, the vast majority of the world’s population will be whittled down to a precious few — with even some of those being eventually weeded out, interbred, or otherwise ‘redefined’ and re-engineered (much of which is being anticipated, or can be achieved already, through various DNA and genetics research; genomics and systems biology; biomedical engineering; even GMO foods or, alternatively, heavily polluted food and water supplies can both impact or alter one’s own DNA makeup, as well as affect one’s progeny, down the line (see powerful film, Toxic Trespass (2007), by Barri Cohen; and details here) — never mind the ways to taint one’s food or beverages to either create health ailments or produce physiological changes and defects. Evidence of which is loosely portrayed in not-so-fictional TV programs and streaming videos.

There’s a whole plethora of cutting-edge scientific advances, which likely will never reach public knowledge — this ‘living lab’ of boundless experiments may comprise a cross-mix of both the modern and ancient realms. For example: leading-edge research and scientific discoveries in every area known to humankind; plus, endless experimentation opportunities and methods of data collection (eg, widespread surveillance + state-of-the-art digital media creation combined with advanced marketing analytics, in-depth psychological profiling, etc); computational modeling; a massive and growing database of knowledge — all of which likely delve into obscure or primordial human practices, plus supranatural phenomena. Anything from old-school alchemy, to metaphysical energies and paranormal abilities (think verified psychics, mentalists, yogis, witches, warlocks, and such, dating back to early Egypt, Mayans, Aztecs, and so on); plus primitive or classical practitioners (eg, medicine wo/men, herbalists, voodoo specialists, etc); and then, what happens after death and where does one’s ‘energy’ or spirit-soul go — and to also keep things real here, there are many decades of contemporary mind-control and neuroscience research (eg, Nazi Germany, secret camps in China, CIA, and so on) — the possibilities are limitless. Heck, even simple surgeries are available right now (eg, recolouring the cornea of one’s eyes, etc). It’s a space age revolution, with a Darwinian-Aryan twist! Lol

Still editing below…


Forgive me for being ever argumentative and ungracious (especially towards those who deserve it least), yet certainly the problem with having nuclear anything (see L1)** is something that everyone ought to be concerned about — and what is the collective society, and more importantly, what are our ruling governments, going to do about this serious dilemma?

Here are a few questions in that spirit:

Whom do we hold responsible for nuclear power’s existence, development and proliferation?

Is it the person who first invented nuclear fission?

Is it those who sought to apply the science towards making the first nuclear weapon (atomic bomb) for what was an understandable and necessary attack?

Is it those who then, also understandably, wanted to harness this incredible energy to power cities and nations?

Is it the governments or state leaders, who set out these directives and requirements — in terms of wanting to both build nuclear power generators (supposedly ‘clean energy’) and manufacture nuclear arms?

Or do we conveniently lay blame on and demonize the frontline workers?

And thereby prevent holistic, constructive and innovative discussions on how to actually achieve sustainable, earth-friendly changes — in terms of energy supply, but also, all areas of human or sentient existence. (Although I realize these are all now moot points, as everything necessary to create a transformed and ever-lasting healthy planet is finally ‘in the works’, thank goodness!)

In my father’s case, as a mechanical engineer working on one of Ontario’s nuclear power plants (see L2),** he did quietly envision using green and renewable energy sources since the 1960s (per his various books on the subject); and yet, he is not an unwise, outspoken rabble-rouser, like myself. So instead, he met the demands of his job and seemingly exceeded expectations by managing a nearly $1 billion budget, as well as overseeing some of the design, to help create secure housing for those nuclear reactors. Basically, that has helped ensure the equipment runs smoothly, and that everyone remains safe. Canadian nuclear power plants are considered among the best and safest in the world.

(In other words, he was not an incredible inventor or important decision-maker for nuclear’s many uses — and I am not trying to detract from any of that — yet, he was a supervisor helping to carry out the task at hand. Having myself experienced overwhelming and disproportionate blame, guilt, judgements, plus more — for a number of things, by various groups and people; and for merely trying to participate in and help further good and important causes that were dear to my heart — kindly forgive me for being a bit feisty and longwinded, here. Lol. See L3 to L5.)**

(The historical info on nuclear energy and its development has been significantly rewritten.)



From a more esoteric perspective, we could highlight the never-ceasing proliferation of nuclear weapons.

For one thing, since those first atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in August 1945, proved so highly successful, why wouldn’t other nations seek to create their own missiles, etc?

(I don’t agree with it; but look at how massively I have misjudged myself, others, the condition of humankind; how it all relates back to spiritual texts, etc. And anyway, the above question was another point I had noted, back in the day (1999) — which is, how one nation I had travelled to never really gained status as a global power or held a bargaining chip, until they started manufacturing their own nuclear arms. They were potentially a toothless tiger. Yet, like every wise underdog and highly talented diaspora, they and others from around the region now hold power over much of the world’s data, lol; not to mention essential, digitally-based services. While I was there, I met awesome folks from a number of different nations: Israel, Russia, Kenya, Malaysia, and so on. Yet, I have no doubt those photos also proved fruitful in tracking people down, examining their lives and lifestyles, philosophy, politics, viewpoints, etc to gain a global perspective on the “co-operative movement” aka “The Third Way.” See L6.)**

So to go back to the first point, at the top: Whom do we blame for this global state of affairs around nuclear power and weaponry?

What is justifiable violence or death-dealing?

And who’s ‘in’ and who’s ‘out’ from a spiritual perspective? (This may dictate much of where things are headed, in the long run.)

Do we hold God the Creator responsible for all of this?

And why did God bother creating those ‘other’ groups of people, who seem to be outside of the main line of descendants (according to the foremost spiritual texts of the past several millenia)?

Is there only one Creator? And, as my friend A often says, ‘Who created the Creator?‘ (Kindly look up ‘multiverse’ — see L7.)**

Not to get too lost in the macrocosmic Big Picture…but I agree that governments and the citizenry of every nation definitely need to halt all reliance upon and proliferation of nuclear power and various nuclear weapons, and decommission these — as soon as possible.

LOL! As usual, I’m unable to access any ‘real’ images of whatever topics I’m trying to explore. Internet censorship? This is one supposed rendition of the ‘multiverse’.


**L1: There’s also the issue of nuclear medicine, and how so much of modern-day health sciences rely upon radiation and radioactive substances or treatments (which wouldn’t be so necessary, if we foregrounded more natural, alternative, integrative, and/or holistic forms of healing, and also made health-maintenance lifestyles more affordable (which could take any number of forms, from designing people- and sustainable transport-friendly towns and cities; to ensuring affordable healthy eateries and activity-oriented community zones; to researching and supporting health practitioners and techniques that help restore and maintain health naturally, etc).

**L2: Full disclosure: I myself worked at was then known as Ontario Hydro (now Ontario Power Generation, or OPG). All of us summer students seemingly had family working there; yet, I also had decent qualifications. (Not to toot my badly demoralized and defeated horn, against a backdrop of much personal shame and mockery — but I was often a first choice job candidate, way back when; and I had also turned down another job offer from an equally reputable, large organization, in favour of Ontario Hydro.)

**L3: Some may know of my then-supervisor at Ontario Hydro, or at least, his daughter, who disappeared in the early 90s, with only blood traces left of her. Her boyfriend was prosecuted and eventually released; but she also happened to be friends or acquainted with convicted serial-killer Paul Bernardo.

**L4: In terms of my seemingly covert status as a possible ‘Leviathan’ — I might be less of an actual threat, and more like a well-used socio-political tool and psycho-spiritual study subject, PLUS a highly entertaining baited fish being pulled around for all to see (both in stages of personal devolution and sexual audio-video surveillance footage). In short, a real wild child, lol. Or a Cursed Child.

**L5: The gleanings from my life — and particularly, my communications proposal for centralizing information management with its 2-way communications flow, and incorporating an editorial review board (Information Networking Committee (INC)) to oversee information output and also decide what should be public-ready info and what is strictly internal data, etc — which ‘INC’ could be loosely translated into a ‘worldwide network of competencies,’ as Steve Denning of calls it in one of his articles — may have essentially seeded the transformation of the once highly democratic World Wide Web / Internet into a steadily and fully curated or ‘managed’ back-end operations of information management since 2001. (This topic obviously deserves a lot more discussion and research, but probably best to avoid it.) Anyway, all of these things have proven to be highly useful to Big Brother. Some might even say, globally transformative.

(See post, ‘Selfish, And Yet More?‘, which has been actively blocked twice from posting. If NOTE 1B on the misrepresented facts about the History of the Internet appears, then you will be seeing the updated version.)

Here’s a worthwhile article by a leadership and innovation expert, Steve Denning:

“21 Lessons In Measuring Innovation: Truth Is Often The First Casualty”

**L6: There are a multitude of ways in which people, information or data, online experiences, knowings and knowledge, devices and technologies, homes and environments, one’s deepest psyche and ‘inner demons’ (Shoshana, 2020), energies and overall spirit etc, can be manipulated and controlled — and even, in the latter case and to some degree, be partly manifested or greatly enhanced; or conversely, left unresolved on purpose to help achieve other aims.

**L7: ‘The multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. The different universes within the multiverse are called “parallel universes”, “other universes”, “alternate universes”, or “many worlds”.’ (Wikipedia — Multiverse.)

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