The Backstory: A Space-Age Revolution

My entire extended family and our various respective ancestral heritages, plus professions, are part of a larger story that is being created, which marks a pivotal turning point in both the history and future of planet earth: the dawning of a New Epoch has arrived. In the long run, it strongly suggests both a ‘Return to Eden’ socio-environmental conditions AND intergalactic colonizations (in multidimensional forms), and unbeknownst to most people. Truly the stuff of sci-fi films and novels.

The vast majority of the world’s population may likely be whittled down to a precious few — with even some of those being eventually weeded out, interbred, or otherwise ‘redefined’ and re-engineered (much of which is being anticipated, or can be achieved already, through various DNA and genetics research; genomics and systems biology; biomedical engineering; even GMO foods or, alternatively, heavily polluted food and water supplies can both impact or alter one’s own DNA makeup, as well as affect one’s progeny, down the line (see powerful film, Toxic Trespass (2007), by woman film art iste; and details here) — never mind the ways to taint one’s food or beverages to either create health ailments or produce physiological changes and defects. Evidence of which is loosely portrayed in not-so-fictional TV programs and streaming videos.

There’s a whole plethora of cutting-edge scientific advances, which likely will never reach public knowledge — this ‘living lab’ of boundless experiments may comprise a cross-mix of both the modern and ancient realms. For example: leading-edge research and scientific discoveries in every area known to humankind; plus, endless experimentation opportunities and methods of data collection (eg, widespread surveillance + state-of-the-art digital media creation combined with advanced marketing analytics, in-depth psychological profiling, etc); computational modeling; a massive and growing database of knowledge — all of which likely delve into obscure or primordial human practices, plus supranatural phenomena. Anything from old-school alchemy, to metaphysical energies and paranormal abilities (think verified psychics, mentalists, yogis, witches, warlocks, and such, dating back to early Egypt, Mayans, Aztecs, and so on); plus primitive or classical practitioners (eg, medicine wo/men, herbalists, voodoo specialists, etc); and then, what happens after death and where does one’s ‘energy’ or spirit-soul go — and to also keep things real here, there are many decades of contemporary mind-control and neuroscience research (eg, Nazi Germany, secret camps in China, CIA, and for the latter — UK, US, Finland, South Korea, Australia) — the possibilities are limitless. Heck, even simple surgeries are available right now (eg, recolouring the cornea of one’s eyes, etc). It’s a space age revolution, with a Darwinian-Aryan twist! Lol

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Toronto gal. Curious about people, life, the universes.
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