This photo blog came about through the helpful suggestion of my Uncle who has been very supportive through these challenging times. Photography is quite therapeutic and has been a great way to [re]connect with people.

ABOUT ME: I am Toronto born and raised in the late 60s. A much different time. Many years ago, I lived abroad for 6 years and travelled to 12 countries. The intensity of the experience left me disoriented. I also left an excellent airlines job to pursue environmental studies and non-profit work, ideally supporting co-operatives – which I believe are a necessary and invaluable counterbalance to pure capitalism. Unfortunately, increasing mental health issues left me caring very little about the world around me. I have been diagnosed with a more serious diagnosis, plus PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

UPDATE: Having been through various ups and downs (including 10 hospitalizations in 10 years), I’m glad to say I’m currently going through an ‘up’ time — I’m volunteering and attending various self-development courses (2014). I have been serially employed and also attend various support programs (2018).

NOTE: I use a Canon Powershot camera; basically a point-and-shoot. People at the (now-defunct) Photography Meetup always laugh at me!  🙂

PLEASE NOTE: The Header photo was not taken by me; it came with the template.

2 Responses to About

  1. gpcox says:

    Very pleased to meet you. I can understand the therapeutic value; I have a high regard for photographers because they can see what the rest of us simply walk on by without a second glance.

    • groovy777 says:

      Pleased to meet you as well! Yes photography certainly does slow one’s eye down to take in and appreciate the world around us. They say it can be learned, so here’s hoping!

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