Navigating Socially – Yikes

I have moved this post to its own page, ‘Then and Now’, coming soon.

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Sibbald’s Point

No photography for, like, 6 months. Am having to relearn the very basics all over again – urghh!

These shots are from a day trip to Sibbald’s Point, out on Lake Simcoe, and a random pic of my dog. We did African drumming with Phil, Wendy, and Eric from Shaw Percussion.


IMG_0721       IMG_0719

IMG_0716       IMG_0709

IMG_0687       IMG_0682

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Coptic Church

It was a challenge positioning myself in the snow. Frankly speaking, I don’t know how photographers do it.

IMG_0660       IMG_0643

IMG_0666       IMG_0729


IMG_0664         IMG_0669

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Trying to Find a Groove

Nothing in particular about these photos, except one is from my current personal development course (Managing Conflict). And there’s my dog, of course. She always crosses her paws, very lady-like.  🙂

IMG_0138      IMG_0361

IMG_0175         IMG_0336

IMG_0339        IMG_0344

IMG_0350 IMG_0351

IMG_0354        IMG_0356

IMG_0357        IMG_0388

IMG_0394       IMG_0392

IMG_0399       IMG_0408


Click on the photo below to enlarge it. It’s a jigsaw puzzle of self-understanding around personal pain from the past and how it impacts one’s life today.


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Nice Horsey


We visited today. Here are a few of the nice horses there!

IMG_0467        IMG_0483


IMG_0514       IMG_0525

IMG_0502       IMG_0544



IMG_0571       IMG_0580

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The Season’s-a-changin’

Been awhile since my last post. Like many Canadians, I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), so I get extremely depressed and just want to hibernate when the colder weather starts setting in. And I really don’t know how to take interesting landscape photos when all the leaves have fallen and the surroundings start looking bare and stark. You may not see much from me until next spring!

IMG_3055       IMG_3054

IMG_3031       IMG_3043

IMG_3004 - Copy

IMG_2996        IMG_2994

IMG_2991        IMG_2974

IMG_2963       IMG_2956

IMG_2907       IMG_2906

IMG_2901       IMG_2881


My arts therapy projects, below…


IMG_0133       IMG_0124


IMG_0071       IMG_0054

IMG_0055       IMG_0058

IMG_0049       IMG_0047

IMG_0185       IMG_0216

IMG_0220       IMG_0225

IMG_0212      IMG_0246

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Collingwood Bygone Days

I recently visited a museum called Bygone Days Heritage Village in Collingwood ( It was pretty neat, with many of the items, buildings, and farming equipment dating back to the 1850’s. But I also felt pretty ‘dated’ myself, when I recognized things that were from my own childhood days.  😐

IMG_2467       IMG_2471

IMG_2473       IMG_2486

IMG_2507       IMG_2513IMG_2576       IMG_2580

IMG_2586      IMG_2607

IMG_2613      IMG_2543

IMG_2623      IMG_2672

IMG_2636      IMG_2698


IMG_2715      IMG_2700

IMG_2720      IMG_2733

IMG_2765      IMG_2780

IMG_2781      IMG_2791

IMG_2796      IMG_2801

IMG_2735      IMG_2736

IMG_2834      IMG_2741

IMG_2522       IMG_2770

IMG_2816      IMG_2691

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