Collingwood Bygone Days

Visited a museum called Bygone Days Heritage Village in Collingwood ( Travelled up for the day with a bunch of Markham photography enthusiasts. They laughed at my little point-and-shoot camera, lol.

It was pretty neat, with many items dating back to the 1850’s. But I felt pretty ‘dated’ myself, when I recognized things that were from my own childhood days.  :\

IMG_2467       IMG_2471

IMG_2473       IMG_2486

IMG_2507       IMG_2513IMG_2576       IMG_2580

IMG_2586      IMG_2607

IMG_2613      IMG_2543

IMG_2623      IMG_2672

IMG_2636      IMG_2698


IMG_2715      IMG_2700

IMG_2720      IMG_2733

IMG_2765      IMG_2780

IMG_2781      IMG_2791

IMG_2796      IMG_2801

IMG_2735      IMG_2736

IMG_2834      IMG_2741

IMG_2522       IMG_2770

IMG_2816      IMG_2691

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Walking the Dog and Other Adventures

Went to the Markham Fair today- I highly recommend it! Such a great little fair.

Although my Aunt and late Uncle are founding members of Markham-Stouffville Hospital, and my late Uncle was I believe the first doctor in Unionville, I myself knew little about the area. I’m from Toronto. To me, this is ‘boonieville’!

Sadly, the area is exploding in population, and farmland (here and northward) is turning into suburbia at an alarming rate. Personally, I think it’s important to have a strong base of native-born or long-term resident Canadians to help handle the onslaught of mass immigration. Otherwise, the original character, values, conservationism, and traditions of Canada get lost. That’s just my 2 cents.

Integrity and decency, first and foremost. The stories I could tell you about that!

IMG_2226      IMG_2211



IMG_3059 IMG_2245

IMG_2273      IMG_2287

IMG_2331      IMG_2360

IMG_2362      IMG_2380

IMG_2391      IMG_2392

IMG_2434      IMG_2443

IMG_2445      IMG_2449


IMG_2458      IMG_2459


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Slightly Beyond Suburbia

IMG_2114      IMG_2101

IMG_2119      IMG_2151

IMG_2164      IMG_2168

IMG_2177     IMG_2175


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Enjoying Expressive Arts Therapy

Taking an excellent course: Expressive Arts Therapy with Anna Sousa. Anna also runs a service called Artful Balance ( ). We just create without too much pre-thought, and this seems to draw out deeper issues — for me, at least. Then, we discuss what our thoughts and feelings were during the artistic process. Below are a few pieces that we all did. Bear in mind, the art-making is only half an hour long!

IMG_2260 IMG_2263 IMG_2262 IMG_2267IMG_2257  IMG_2261

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Summer’s Feast – Part 2

Summer’s quickly coming to an end. Days are shorter, and the weather is definitely chillier. Just learning to shoot pictures here and there, wherever I can grab some light and good vibrations. I’ve only been at this since July, and I’m already at a loss for subjects!

IMG_1177       IMG_1492

IMG_1024       IMG_1755

IMG_1769       IMG_1770

IMG_1774      IMG_1782    

IMG_2027      IMG_2028

IMG_1783      IMG_1740IMG_1824      IMG_1827

IMG_1871      IMG_1877

IMG_1912     IMG_1710

IMG_1925       IMG_1944

IMG_1945        IMG_2019

IMG_2007        IMG_1949

  IMG_1992        IMG_1999

IMG_2020       IMG_2023

IMG_2026       IMG_1136

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Anywhere But Here: Elmvale Zoo

Recently visited Elmvale Zoo, out near Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Felt really sorry for this lot of animals, who are mostly penned up and have never known what it’s like to fly or run. Quite small spaces for some really large creatures, like lions, jaguars, lynxes, eagles, and the like.

Never been a fan of zoos. Used to study with people in my Environmental Studies program who actively protest zoos, so I do know the horrors of what happens in these awful places. Marineland is one of the worst perpetrators. Although I love their song, “Everyone loves Marineland!”, what those waters contain and do to captive sea creatures is another story. I know at one such marine park that the Orca Whale purposely killed two of the trainers out of pent-up frustration. Anyway, I did my part by informing people here. I did struggle with whether or not to participate in this zoo adventure, and now I know — it is a sorry tale, indeed.

Some of these animals had more adequate space.

IMG_1494      IMG_1507

IMG_1512      IMG_1519

IMG_1541      IMG_1545

IMG_1547      IMG_1568

IMG_1573      IMG_1580

IMG_1594      IMG_1597

IMG_1605      IMG_1608

IMG_1624       IMG_1643

IMG_1668       IMG_1683

IMG_1685       IMG_1687

IMG_1689       IMG_1794

IMG_1886       IMG_1908

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Crazy for Classic Cars

I’m kinda ‘old school’ when it comes to cars — love the curves on classic models! My first and only car was a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle. It was bright lemon yellow with black trim.

Unfortunately, the only picture I have of it is one a dear friend took while the car was burning up on Highway 401 towards Port Hope and Cobourg. We made the front cover of the local newspaper! This was mere weeks after I had bought the darn thing with my hard-earned summer job savings!

My other favourite cars — back in the day — were Jaguars and other classics like the 1961 Mercedes-Benz Gull-Wing Coupe, the Austin-Healey Sprite, the Morris Mini, and the like. I’ve always gravitated to small cars. I prefer the concept of electric cars, of course, yet car companies have been slow on the uptake.

Actor Jack Nicholson even created a car that ran on bio-fuel way back in the 70s, so it can be done.

I’m quite conflicted over cars. I do love bikes and scooters, and I prefer public transportation. But having just moved to the ‘burbs’ (in with the folks), public transportation is slow, infrequent, and difficult.

I’m too scared to ride out here, especially in winter (having previously dislocated my shoulder and even temporarily paralyzed my arm in a cycling accident — never mind the year of agonizing physio, during which two different physiotherapists said it was the ‘worst injury of its kind that they’d seen’ in 11 years and 20 years, respectively). I feel like I’m wimping out, but I am genuinely afraid of the fast-moving cars, and their lack of awareness of cyclists, in general. And the rate of cycling accidents and even deaths among experienced cyclists is truly stunning!

Building on the TakeTheTooker   vision, I have a dream of making the ENTIRE Bloor-Danforth roadway the longest *car-free* street in a major city in the world! Wouldn’t that be nice?! For elderly folks and those who want to sightsee, there could be a shuttle bus, plus one lane for bicycles and one lane for electric scooters and such. There would be signs leading to all the local green spaces and farmers’ markets along the route, and other fun ways to pump up the tourism dollars and local BIAs in Toronto and the GTA.

Anyway, Sunday I went to a Classic Car Show to snap these pics. I also saw an acquaintance while I was there, which was nice!  🙂

IMG_1186      IMG_1194

IMG_1208      IMG_1248

IMG_1420       IMG_1233

IMG_1238       IMG_1236

IMG_1251       IMG_1260

IMG_1267       IMG_1272

IMG_1297       IMG_1293        IMG_1299       IMG_1373

IMG_1305       IMG_1307

IMG_1310       IMG_1311

IMG_1322      IMG_1329

IMG_1331      IMG_1333

IMG_1339      IMG_1417

IMG_1349      IMG_1348

IMG_1353      IMG_1355

IMG_1357      IMG_1359

IMG_1366      IMG_1396

IMG_1376      IMG_1379

IMG_1384       IMG_1388

IMG_1390  IMG_1403

IMG_1402      IMG_1408

IMG_1409      IMG_1412 IMG_1414      IMG_1413

IMG_1284       IMG_1285

IMG_1317       IMG_1361

IMG_1410       IMG_1473


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Summer’s Feast – Part 1

Food, flowers, felines (and maybe some structures and street art, too)…

IMG_0790       IMG_0830

IMG_0975        IMG_0907

IMG_0932        IMG_0944

IMG_0933         IMG_0936

IMG_0937         IMG_0939

IMG_0942         IMG_0950

IMG_0951         IMG_0953

IMG_1060         IMG_1064

IMG_1079         IMG_1084



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To All the Flowers I’ve Loved Before…

A familiar theme: flowers. Can you blame me? So naturally captivating!

I’m worried I’m going to run out of subjects soon. Not because there aren’t great things out there to photograph, but with my social anxiety, it’s not always easy to push myself to go to certain places or events. Taking pictures can be a conspicuous activity.

I’m actually doing much better socially, of late. But photographing people is yet another mountain to climb, especially getting shots of kids.



IMG_0707       IMG_0812

IMG_0719        IMG_0723

IMG_0752        IMG_0751

 IMG_0691      IMG_0696

IMG_0756     IMG_0778

IMG_0765      IMG_0780


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Expressive Clouds and Sunsets

This is all a jumble, but the theme is re-examining the ordinary.  And in the case of the sunsets, I tried to capture the glory of it, but it’s never quite the same in pictures.

IMG_0524          IMG_0567

IMG_0574         IMG_0575

IMG_0016         IMG_0322

IMG_0518           IMG_0352

IMG_0384           IMG_0389

IMG_0394           IMG_0418


IMG_0474        IMG_0497

IMG_0501          IMG_0510

IMG_0361           IMG_0547

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Entering the Car Era

Living in a car-obsessed culture, how can I not feature some cool rides?

Yes, that includes the wonderful public bus.

When I returned to Toronto from my time in Asia, India and Europe, I was suffering from post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression, so I drove my mother’s car during the first year to avoid being around people. Eventually, though, I was riding the Rocket everywhere, especially as I went to my 33 hospitality jobs across the GTA – from Mississauga to Scarborough, and from the Distillery District to the Granite Club, I did it all. (That’s another story that I may share at some point…)

Our public transportation system could really learn from Europe and Asia about speed, safety, efficiency and keeping fares/costs low. 


IMG_0053        IMG_0029    

IMG_0178       IMG_0179

IMG_0224        IMG_0238

IMG_1219 IMG_1220

IMG_1234      IMG_0232

IMG_0243   IMG_0093

IMG_1143    IMG_1181


The coolest ride of them all…


While living near the Danforth for 13 years, I rode my bicycle for quite a few of those years year-round through rain and snow. Who doesn’t want a bike-friendly city? I also like electric scooters, but neither are as safe as I wish. Being fully exposed feels risky now.

Particularly because after I got injured and was wearing an orthotic, I was still working in a bicycle repair shop in Kensington Market, and so all these other cyclists would share their own (often multiple) accident tales with me – and it is a really high rate of serious mishaps. Very scary.

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Perpetually Cool: Anna May Wong


Anna May Wong was the first famous Chinese-American actress in Hollywood. She starred in Shanghai Express (1932), opposite Marlene Dietrich. My Uncle (by marriage) authored a book about Anna May Wong, called Perpetually Cool: The Many Lives of Anna May Wong (1905–1961) – Anthony B. Chan.  Hollywood actress Lucy Liu has bought the film rights to the book.

These are a few pictures of AMW from the book. I don’t know who the photographers are.

1936 Anna May Wong

1936 Anna May Wong

Anna in furcoat

Anna May Wong and brother Roger Wong, 1934 Anna May Wong with Mother and Sister Baby AMW

Anna May Wong with brother Roger Wong; Anna May Wong with mother and sister; Anna May Wong as a baby.

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Exploring my surroundings

These may not be the most thrilling photos, but heck, we find pictures where we can.

IMG_0977 IMG_0983 IMG_0989 IMG_1002 IMG_1018 IMG_1031

IMG_1034      IMG_1052

IMG_1062 IMG_1075

IMG_1096 IMG_1097 IMG_1099 IMG_1105

IMG_1111  IMG_1118

IMG_1130      IMG_0867

IMG_0865       IMG_1134

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More Lines and Shapes

IMG_0693 IMG_0698 IMG_0712 IMG_0738 IMG_0742   IMG_0771  IMG_0782   IMG_0823IMG_0695

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Keeping it simple…

Trying to post intermittently, so I don’t bore people with a whole slew of ‘experimental’ pics. But here are a few anyway:



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