K’s Eulogy

This page is dedicated to my beautiful friend Kusum.

​November 28, 2018

 ​​​​​Kusum is an incredibly kind, loving, generous, big-hearted person, who is truly a blessing to know. And believe me, if she could put up with me, that’s saying a lot!!!

We only met nearly 6 years ago, and yet I knew I’d made a TRUE FRIEND. Kusum has a child-like heart and sensibility, with a great sense of humour to match. She shared with me so many funny and warm stories about her family – ​like Ravi coming to court her for marriage, and him simply ask​ing how tall she was – that was it, decision made! Yet this simple exchange quickly blossomed into a lifelong love. She shared with me ​Ravi’s early days as a camp counsellor, and being blackmailed for liquor while sitting in a canoe with the kids, as they knew he couldn’t swim – yet he was the ONE IN CHARGE! And so many stories about Roche growing up – like the time he spontaneously brought home 20 or so of his schoolmates for lunch, and kind-hearted Kusum had to make 20-plus home-cooked meals on the spot!! Or the first time Kusum’s father gave her cognac ​to treat a headache at the tender age of 12 – she felt worse and wonkier than from the headache itself! Or riding on the back of her brother’s motorbike in India; and meeting her in-laws from Quebec for the first time and getting tipsy; and so many lovely stories about her family in India and around the world (like her Bollywood film exec niece, and the ​​one who teaches English or translates (??) sorry I have such a poor memory).

I felt lucky to know of all these beautiful people through her. I can’t do her stories justice – Kusum is a hilarious storyteller! I remember laughing so many times and thinking how can one family have so much fun together, with such touching memories. What a gift.​

(Sorry, Ravi, that I seem to remember all the stories involving drinking…!)

Ravi and Kusum were true partners in life. They loved, respected, and supported one another and their precious son Roche. They were like the ‘Three Amigos!’ Apparently Roche likes to tease his dear mom and poke fun. She takes it all in stride with good humour. Kusum is also a lifelong vegetarian; she delights in feeding the birds, and she loves our dog Kira – her compassion for others is clear.

(This collage that I made during one of my mental health outpatient programs hangs on the wall above my bed. It is partly inspired by the times that Kusum and I shared together.)


Kusum inspires me to be a better person: she is a good friend and neighbour to all, without reservation. She has touched my life in so many beautiful ways – and she will be in my heart always.

I also want to extend condolences to Ravi, Roche and your entire families from the following people, in loving memory of Kusum Bhatia:

(edited for privacy)

Heidi V

Ingrid T

John C

Claire M

Wei D

Allison D

Dorothy G R

Polly L

Gail A

Melissa R