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To All the Flowers I’ve Loved Before…

I’m coming back to a familiar theme: flowers. But can you blame me? Flowers and nature are naturally captivating! In fact, I’m worried I’m going to run out of subjects soon. Not because there aren’t great things out there to … Continue reading

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Expressive Clouds and Sunsets

This is all a jumble, but the theme is re-examining the ordinary.  And in the case of the sunsets, I tried to capture the glory of it, but it’s never quite the same in pictures.                 … Continue reading

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Entering the Car Era

Living in a car-obsessed culture, how can I not feature some cool rides? And yes, that includes the wonderful public bus. When I lived abroad for 5 years in Southeast Asia and India, with side trips to Europe, I mostly … Continue reading

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Exploring my surroundings

These may not be the most thrilling photos, but heck, we find pictures where we can.                    

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More Lines and Shapes


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