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Keeping it simple…

I’m going to try to post one photo every other day or so, so I don’t bore people with a whole slew of ‘experimental’ pics. But here are a few anyway:

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Lines and Shapes at the Library

Today was a first photo meetup. It’s still frustrating figuring out the camera, but my friend is helping me to learn. I had an adorable photo of this boy (total whiz kid) playing on the piano, but I think they … Continue reading

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Today’s Snaps

I want to move on to other subjects, but for now, stationary objects are easiest. Flowers and nature are a favourite topic.

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Testing my comfort zones

I love when people use recycled materials for anything, but especially as art or something partly functional, like this wind ornament. Here they’ve taken a plastic water or pop bottle, painted it, and then cut it open propellor-style. Tiger lilies … Continue reading

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What’s life without those you love!

I’m going to take some ‘artistic license’ here and feature some pics that are simply subjects I care about, like my dog seemingly attacking a statue (not really!), and other things I love (ie, more plants, one kindly shared by a very nice man). … Continue reading

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Not Picture Perfect

I’m still experimenting with things so these are still my first steps. Hope you like some of them…

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Beginning Steps

Due to my Uncle’s inspiration, I am discovering photography as a therapeutic hobby. Here are a few pics from my first batch of photos:                Please feel free to let me know which ones you like, so I … Continue reading

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