Incredible News !!!

Since I haven’t really taken pictures in awhile, I hope you’ll indulge me the occasional blogpost on other matters. For any of you interested in renewable, affordable energy in Ontario, you may find this news below of interest. I cannot tell you the amount of effort and coordination (as well as behind-the-scenes dealings at the upper levels) that is necessary for this kind of agreement to be reached. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all those who got it done! And the rest of us owe the Ontario Govt and all the advocates and players involved a HUGE THANK YOU!!!


Quebec power breakthrough

According to Quebec newspaper La Presse, Ontario and Quebec are on the cusp on signing a major new power import agreement. If the agreement goes ahead as planned, Ontario will buy eight terawatt hours of renewable electricity from Quebec every year for the next 20 years – enough power to serve the needs of close to a million homes in Ontario.

This is exciting news for the people of Ontario, who stand to benefit from the expanded import of low-cost Quebec water power. La Presse reports that Ontario will pay just over 6 cents per kilowatt hour for this power – a bargain compared to 9 cents to extend Pickering, or 16.5 cents to rebuild Darlington.

We congratulate Premier Wynne and Energy Minister Glen Thibeault for acting on the tremendous opportunity to lower electricity costs in Ontario by tapping into our neighbour’s huge supply of low-cost power .

This deal is still far from maxing out both Quebec’s supply of low-cost power and Ontario’s ability to import such clean, green power. But it is a big step and paves the way for expanded imports in the future.

With this agreement in place, there will be even less reason to keep the old and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station operating in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. The government’s next step should be to order Ontario Power Generation to shut down North America’s fourth oldest nuclear plant in 2018 when its licence expires.

Please send the Premier and the Minister a note thanking them for pursuing a deal for clean, low-cost power with Quebec.

Thank you.

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director


If you’d like to thank Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault, you can email them at:,



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Here’s an update

Hi Folks, please bear with me as I get sidetracked by quite a few people whose feathers I have ruffled in the past 6 months while I was working at MV.

L, I’d like to clarify that I have no contact with anyone from MV. KW has been hacked into my email account since February, so I cannot be responsible for anything they or anyone else may choose to do or say at work, and beyond. You are picking on the wrong person.

I received your send-off card in the spirit it was given, and during these past few weeks I would glance at it occasionally and feel that despite everything, your expression of thanks was sincere, despite ending my contract early, etc.

For everyone else, please disregard this post. It is basically about my hyper-sensitivity to social environments that has been in high gear since January 2017. I experienced full-on PTSD during my first 6 weeks of employment, but after that, it was too late, the damage was done and I became a social pariah. There’s a lot to be explained about all that, but I will create a new second blog for that purpose. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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uh-oh here come the ‘thought police’

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Support for Harrietsfield and Drinking Water

Support Ecojustice!
June 14, 2017

Dear Lana,
My name is Marlene, and thanks to people like you, Ecojustice is helping me and my neighbours fight for access to safe, clean drinking water in Harrietsfield, N.S.

A now defunct construction and demolition facility contaminated the groundwater in my community. That facility opened 20 years ago, and in 2003, my neighbours and I were put on a water monitoring program. But when I contacted the government in 2009 to ask about our water sample results, I learned that no one had been reviewing them to make sure that my health and the health of my neighbours was being protected.

That marked the beginning of our multi-year fight for clean water. Since then I’ve collected data, organized meetings and marches, and written to elected representatives. And with support from Ecojustice and people like you, I have even gone to court three times.

Ecojustice lawyer Kaitlyn Mitchell has been our compassionate champion. She helped us intervene when those responsible for the contaminated site repeatedly appealed to the courts, asking to be removed from the provincial government’s cleanup orders. Most importantly, we won all three court cases and the Court’s rulings sent a strong message that polluters are responsible for cleaning up their mess!

The Ecojustice team also helped mobilize supporters like you to advocate directly on behalf of me and my neighbours. Thanks to the thousands of messages you sent, the government has promised to install water filtration systems in our homes. I cannot wait for the day when I can finally turn on the kitchen tap and drink the water that comes out!

Today, I’m proud to invite you to donate to Ecojustice because I know that when you make a gift, you empower communities like Harrietsfield to continue to fight for our right to a healthy environment.

In gratitude,

Marlene Brown, Ecojustice client
P.S. Ecojustice represents me, and every one if its clients, free of charge. When you donate to Ecojustice, you don’t just support a single organization, you strengthen an entire movement. Please make a gift today.
Photo of Marlene Brown by Rebecca Hussman

Ecojustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity. Help us build the case for a better earth.

[NOTE: Only a few of Ecojustice’s contact offices listed here.]

Main Office Vancouver 214 – 131 Water Street | Vancouver BC V6B 4M3 T 604-685-5618 F 604-685-7813

Toronto Office 1910 – 777 Bay Street, PO Box 106 | Toronto ON M5G 2C8 T 416-368-7533 F 416-363-2746 – See more at:

General inquiries: For all other inquiries, please email or call us toll-free from anywhere in Canada at 1-800-926-7744.



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Wild Salmon

Fuel my fight for wild salmon
June 8, 2017

Dear Lana,

My name is Alex, and thanks to people like you, Ecojustice lawyers are helping me protect Pacific wild salmon.

I moved to B.C. in the 1980s and settled in a remote community in Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw territory in the Broughton Archipelago – the perfect place to spend a lifetime studying orcas. But it wasn’t long before salmon farms started popping up, and I watched the orcas disappear.

As the B.C. salmon farm industry grew, so did the prevalence of parasites and viruses in wild salmon —the main food source for resident orcas. I wanted to know what was going on, so I shifted my research from orcas to study the impacts of fish farms on wild salmon.

When I discovered that a B.C. salmon farm was transferring farm salmon infected with piscine reovirus into the ocean, I questioned the legality because scientific evidence suggested this posed a significant threat to wild salmon and our coast. I needed the power of the law on my side in the face of the federal government’s indifference. So I turned to Ecojustice for help.

With support from people like you, Ecojustice lawyer Margot Venton and her colleagues helped me take the federal government to court.  They spent thousands of hours working on my behalf — for free, I might add — and walked into that courtroom well-prepared to face deep-pocketed corporate and government lawyers. Their preparation paid off: We won our case!

Despite this victory, the government still refuses to test B.C. farm salmon for piscine reovirus before putting them into wild salmon habitat. That’s why we’re back in Court — to force the government to take a precautionary approach to wild salmon protection — and we can’t do it without you.

Wild salmon are the bloodstream of this coast. They feed more than 100 species, including orcas and the trees that make the oxygen we breathe. Join me in the fight to protect the salmon that bring life to the B.C. coast by making a donation to Ecojustice today.


With sincere appreciation,

Alexandra Morton, Independent Biologist

P.S. When you donate to Ecojustice, you don’t just support a single organization, you strengthen an entire movement. Please make a gift today.

Photo of Alexandra Morton, Ecojustice client, by Ivan Alexis

Ecojustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity. Help us build the case for a better earth.


Toll Free 1-800-926-7744, 214-131 Water St. Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4M3

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One-Word Essays

(Note: These are NOT my photos; they come from an email circular.)

My relative who has been on psychiatric meds for over 40 years sent this email. She was able to stay at one job, got married, and has been active in church and in her communities.

One Word Essays




















































May your troubles be less,

May your blessings be more,
May nothing but happiness
Come through your door!


Hope You have an enjoyable DAY

and experience all of GOD’s BLESSINGS !!!


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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who have children of their own, or have been like a mother to others! Have a great day and year!

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