Entering the Car Era

Living in a car-obsessed culture, how can I not feature some cool rides?

Yes, that includes the wonderful public bus.

When I returned to Toronto from my time in Asia, India and Europe, I was suffering from post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression, so I drove my mother’s car during the first year to avoid being around people. Eventually, though, I was riding the Rocket everywhere, especially as I went to my 33 hospitality jobs across the GTA – from Mississauga to Scarborough, and from the Distillery District to the Granite Club, I did it all. (That’s another story that I may share at some point…)

Our public transportation system could really learn from Europe and Asia about speed, safety, efficiency and keeping fares/costs low. 


IMG_0053        IMG_0029    

IMG_0178       IMG_0179

IMG_0224        IMG_0238

IMG_1219 IMG_1220

IMG_1234      IMG_0232

IMG_0243   IMG_0093

IMG_1143    IMG_1181


The coolest ride of them all…


While living near the Danforth for 13 years, I rode my bicycle for quite a few of those years year-round through rain and snow. Who doesn’t want a bike-friendly city? I also like electric scooters, but neither are as safe as I wish. Being fully exposed feels risky now.

Particularly because after I got injured and was wearing an orthotic, I was still working in a bicycle repair shop in Kensington Market, and so all these other cyclists would share their own (often multiple) accident tales with me – and it is a really high rate of serious mishaps. Very scary.

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