Entering the Car Era

Living in a car-obsessed culture, how can I not feature some cool rides?

And yes, that includes the wonderful public bus. When I lived abroad for 5 years in Southeast Asia and India, with side trips to Europe, I mostly travelled by public transport, and it was wonderful!  From ultra-modern subways to trains, trams and rickshaws, and jumping onto the backs of trucks jammed with people and livestock — it was a blast!  Yet when I returned to Toronto, I was suffering from post-traumatic stress and depression, so I drove a bit for the first year to avoid being around people. But eventually, I was back to riding the Rocket everywhere, especially as I went to my 30-plus jobs across the GTA.(Well, that’s another part of my life story that I may share at some point…)

Yet, for better or for worse, I’m now in car country (GTA north) and the bus schedules can be crazy SLOW and infrequent, so unfortunately I’m back to borrowing my mother’s car or being driven places, sad to say.

Also, I have to say that our public transportation system could really learn from Europe and Asia about speed, efficiency and keeping costs low.

I’m not too thrilled about the photos, but I do really hope to improve my picture-taking over time!


IMG_0053        IMG_0029    

IMG_0178       IMG_0179

IMG_0224        IMG_0238

IMG_1219 IMG_1220

IMG_1234      IMG_0232

IMG_0243   IMG_0093

IMG_1143    IMG_1181


The coolest ride of them all…


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