Collingwood Bygone Days

Visited a museum called Bygone Days Heritage Village in Collingwood ( Travelled up for the day with a bunch of Markham photography enthusiasts. They laughed at my little point-and-shoot camera, lol.

It was pretty neat, with many items dating back to the 1850’s. But I felt pretty ‘dated’ myself, when I recognized things that were from my own childhood days.  :\

IMG_2467       IMG_2471

IMG_2473       IMG_2486

IMG_2507       IMG_2513IMG_2576       IMG_2580

IMG_2586      IMG_2607

IMG_2613      IMG_2543

IMG_2623      IMG_2672

IMG_2636      IMG_2698


IMG_2715      IMG_2700

IMG_2720      IMG_2733

IMG_2765      IMG_2780

IMG_2781      IMG_2791

IMG_2796      IMG_2801

IMG_2735      IMG_2736

IMG_2834      IMG_2741

IMG_2522       IMG_2770

IMG_2816      IMG_2691

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