Summer’s Feast – Part 2

Summer’s quickly coming to an end. Days are shorter, and the weather is definitely chillier. Just learning to shoot pictures here and there, wherever I can grab some light and good vibrations. I’ve only been at this since July, and I’m already at a loss for subjects!

IMG_1177       IMG_1492

IMG_1024       IMG_1755

IMG_1769       IMG_1770

IMG_1774      IMG_1782    

IMG_2027      IMG_2028

IMG_1783      IMG_1740IMG_1824      IMG_1827

IMG_1871      IMG_1877

IMG_1912     IMG_1710

IMG_1925       IMG_1944

IMG_1945        IMG_2019

IMG_2007        IMG_1949

  IMG_1992        IMG_1999

IMG_2020       IMG_2023

IMG_2026       IMG_1136

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Toronto gal. Curious about people, life, the universes.
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